Part 1



  • List all job titles as far back as you can go

  • Rewrite all job titles to the most simple, easily understood language

  • Describe in one sentence what you DID. Use language as if you were explaining this to a 10 year old or someone from another country who has no concept of what your job entails.

  • Clarify WHY you chose that job. If it was purely logistics – ie it was the only thing available to you or it was something chosen for you – then write that. If there was more consideration, though; if you had many options and chose that job for a deeper reason, explore that.

  • Capture what you liked and enjoyed about the work environment of each job. Was it a great boss? A desk with a window? A great company?

  • Write down which types of tasks and job responsibilities inherent to your actual work that you enjoyed the most. Was it leading teams? Creating spreadsheets?


  • Repeat everything you just did for the WORK section.


  • This section is fun and easy. Simply write down everything you like to do in your free time. Little, big, does not matter. Capture everything from sitting in the sunshine to being in a rowing club.

  • Then, write briefly why you enjoy it.

Now take a break!

That was a LOT of work, but the real gold will be in what we do with all that information.

You will want a fresh brain for the next step, so set this aside for now and come back when you feel calm, refreshed, and ready to do some mining.