Part 3


NOW, to take this to the next level, show your main document that just shows what you wrote for WORK, VOLUNTEERING, and HOBBIES but not your notes about patterns to a friend, mentor, or coach.

Have them look for patterns and write down what they say. This is not something you should email off and wait to get back. Sit down with this person (on the phone is fine) and listen to them air their thoughts live. Have them write them down or you write them down. Compare their observations to your own. Expand your lists with the insights that resonate strongly for you.

You do NOT have to incorporate everything they say. Just what feels right to you. Things you didn’t see but that make sense.


Set this aside, again.

Take a break.

Let it sit for at least one full day, two for good measure.

This will allow your subconscious mind to continue working on this. It will be processing during this time, and that is so incredibly important to this process.