Part 5



Now the fun part.


Pick three that really tug at you. You’re looking at the list with your heart now, not your head. This is not about what is possible, prudent, or logical. This is about what feels right. Which three pull you the most? Which three are you the most curious to explore?

Here’s the thing that will take you to the next level.

To the place where you can actually make a real decision.

You have to TRY all three.

What do I mean by that?

Live, act, breathe, perform fully in each of the three for at least two weeks. Do whatever it takes, this is your life we’re talking about.

Your future.

Set aside two weeks for each option and explore it FULLY. This SHOULD include research, but it is absolutely essential that it includes, as a majority, ACTION.

Perform in each of the three. Pretend that you have been doing each one for at least a year. What does life look like? What are you doing?

This is NOT about THINKING.

Remember, thinking got you stuck in the first place?

This is about ACTING.

Set up job shadowing. Better yet, set up opportunities to actually DO the thing, whatever it is.

Practice it.

Go through the motions.

This is how you really figure it out. By doing.

After two weeks in each realm, you’ll know which direction you need to go. It will be obvious.


Last note: whatever you choose right now does NOT have to be your “life path” for the rest of time.

Things change!

Know that in advance.

Take the pressure off. 

This is about the next step, not the end all be all. There is no destination on this journey. There is only the journey. And you may as well enjoy it!

If this was helpful, let me know.

If you get stuck, let me know.

If you want to go deeper, let me know.

Now go kick ass.



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