10 Simple Moving Meditations for Fidgety People

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

You've probably heard the obvious ways of getting centered through movement. Girl, go do some yoga. Exercise. Go for a run. A hike.

Sometimes those things seem like a lot of work, am I right?

If you'd like something very simple that you can do RIGHT NOW and get some quick relief from anxious energy, here are ten ways you can accomplish moving meditation wherever you are:

  1. washing dishes by hand

  2. peeling an orange by hand

  3. going for a walk by yourself

  4. folding laundry

  5. preparing a meal

  6. brushing your dog

  7. combing your wet hair with your fingers

  8. picking up sticks in the yard

  9. taking everything out of your desk and organizing it

  10. go up and down some stairs, concentrating on each step

All of these things utilize a concept called flow. Sometimes known as being in the zone. Being in a flow state allows your unconscious mind to relax and unwind by giving your conscious mind something methodical to focus on. It is incredibly powerful for stress reduction, calming, productivity, and optimizing performance.

I love finding small, tiny, simple ways of slowing down in daily life. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

Want to up the ante? Here are some bonus ways of finding moving meditation in everyday life: gardening, knitting, shoveling snow, yoga, hiking, running, and nearly any repetitive motor task.

As an added bonus, if you're curious to learn more about flow and its incredible powers, check out Matt D'Avella's video here where he interviews an expert and expounds on ways you can incorporate flow into your work and performance.


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