Anxiety Week

Last month, I ran a pop-up Facebook group all about living with anxiety. We covered everything from worrying less to managing full blown panic attacks.

Here are the videos - enjoy!

Day 1: How to Worry Less

Real tool you can use: "The Story in My Head versus What's Actually True"

Day 2: Emotional Sufficiency

aka dealing with other humans when they do things that create emotions for you

Day 3: Managing Panic Attacks

all the real, actionable strategies I know

Day 4: Creating Safety rather than Control

We often deal with uncertainty by using control to make ourselves feel better. Here are some ways you can create safety for yourself rather than reaching for the control button.

Day 5: Preventing Anxiety

Real, simple things you can do to reduce your likelihood and frequency of experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, and worry.

If you'd like help with managing your anxiety, please reach out to schedule a free consultation. Things can get better.

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