"Battling" our Emotions

"CONQUERING fear" "OVERCOMING loneliness"

I just saw these exact phrases used in an advert on LinkedIn promoting a coaching service to big corporations.


First of all, how are you going to teach that in a workshop?

More importantly:

Why do we so love introducing conflict, competition, and black/white thinking into mental health and emotions?

This sets us up to fail, in my opinion.


Instead, I posit that it is an evolution.

A steady forward always changing relationship with our emotions.

What if instead of *fighting* our emotions, yes even the uncomfortable ones like

Anger Fear Overwhelm Despair Sadness Guilt Frustration ...we learned to feel them?

Feel emotions Accept emotions Release emotions

Manage emotions through managing our thoughts.

That's a different way of looking at things, AND it has the power to change everything. Creating this concept of battling our emotions means we also create a no-win scenario.

Because, really, how does one "conquer" fear?

- Danielle Lindblom different kind of Life Coach

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