Confidence is Created

Confidence comes from repetition.

You don't start out with confidence; you only realize you've gained it in looking back.

When you start something new, you need courage.

Courage to step into the arena. Courage to fail a million times. Courage to not know what you're doing.

All you need to do in the beginning, is to START.

That's it.

And, sometimes, it might be the most courageous thing you ever do.

Confidence will come along with time, experience, and repetition.

So, knowing that, you have full permission to just start. And have it not be a big deal.

So many new coaches or professionals start out nervous and unsure. I know I did. It's normal!!

But don't let it hold you back from starting.

You'll only reach confidence after repetition, so do that thing from the place of it being a necessary stepping stone to the 100th thing.

That first fb live. That first call with a prospective client. The first time you hire your own coach. The first time you have a session with a new client.

It's just a necessary rep to get to the 100th, where it will feel easy and you'll be confident. It doesn't have to be a big deal - your brain is just trying to get you to freak out so you won't do it.

Just go do it.

Those who are the most successful in any endeavor are the ones who keep going.

The ones who didn't quit.

Because they have the most experience.

Because they keep trying, keep learning, keep evolving.


And, keep going.

Confidence is on its way.

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