Emotions Are Like a Carousel

What if emotions were like a carousel?

Would it be easier to allow the dips and the downs if you knew the ups were right around the corner?

"This is not a problem" has been changing my life. "This is not a problem" is the perfect gateway to allowing.

We get:

Angry Upset Frustrated Discouraged Cranky

And then, after time, we come back to:

Motivated Excited Joyful Optimistic Empowered

The carousel keeps spinning. Rotating through emotions. Around and around. Up and down.

Go with the flow.

Allow all of it.

If we reduced our resistance to and judgement of our emotions, our problems, our circumstances, we would also reduce our unnecessary suffering. We'd waste a lot less time and energy.

It's even somewhat enjoyable. To allow.

Simple, yes, but not easy.

It takes time and intention and practice to cultivate this skill of allowing.

Allowing is uncomfortable.

It means letting go of the need to change your feelings.

But it's worthwhile.

You'll have more energy and optimism, even through the periods of suck.

You'll embrace the ups and get lots of shit done.

And you won't waste valuable time and energy judging your downs.

Try it.

Join me.

I'm over there, on the grey horse.

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