Energy Management

One of the tools that I introduce to my clients is called "Energy Management."

The concept is simple.

"How can I make sure I am able to show up with full energy, full capacity, and fully enjoy the BIG THINGS that are important to me?"

This question came up with one of my clients after she showed up to a coaching session entirely spent. She had nothing in the tank to be able to fully utilize the coaching she paid for. That was important to her. And she had no idea how she ended up running on empty.

Because she was always only looking at *the next thing.*

What was the next thing in front of her? Get through that. OK, now what's next? Get through that.

Rinse and repeat.

That's an easy recipe for exhaustion, burnout, AND not being able to enjoy the things that really matter.

So, what is energy management?

It's identifying 3 categories of tasks/activities/events:

- BIG THINGS - Medium Things - small things

BIG THINGS are the most important to you.

The things you want to be 100% for.

For my client, that was our coaching sessions, dinner with her partner, and competitions for her sport.

BIG THINGS can also be the things that are going to require the most personal energy.

That might be physical energy, emotional energy, or spiritual energy.

What are going to be the biggest potential drainers for you?

Medium Things are about how they sound. Not BIG, not small. The things that you have to do, like work, or meal prep, or exercising the dogs.

Medium Things require a Medium amount of energy to complete.

small things are also how they sound. Little tasks that can add up. Tiny things you typically don't think about. They don't take much energy.

If you do nothing else with energy management, simply noting on your calendar/schedule/planner where your BIG THINGS are can be incredibly helpful.

My clients typically do this with different colors. Or, stickers.

Noting where you have BIG THINGS, Medium Things, and small things is step 1.

This allows you to see your week/month/year from an energy management perspective.

Where do you have two BIG THINGS back to back?

Where do you have a pile of small things that you didn't see?

Step 2 is strategically placing empty days onto your calendar.




You want me to have days on my calendar with NOTHING SCHEDULED????????


Start with something.

It's better than nothing.

I'm at the point where I now have 1 day each week with absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, on my calendar.

Not even personal appointments or "have to's."

One day per week where I get to decide what I want to do on that day. Or simply rest and recharge.

Radical changes lead to radical changes.

Pro Tip: placing empty space *before* and *after* a BIG THING means you're about guaranteed to have a full tank of gas and be able to fully enjoy your BIG THING.

We implement this tool, and more, in my 1 on 1 coaching program. Contact Me to learn more.


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