Freaking Out About Future Events

I'm delivering a workshop this Wednesday. Last week, I was super procrastinating about getting the outline done. My brain wanted to tell me it was a BIG DEAL and that I was NOT PREPARED (and would never be).

Funny enough, this showed up with a client of mine this week. Conveniently after I had already coached myself through a similar situation.

In both cases, we tapped into our inner "boss lady" and asked her what it would really take to feel prepared.

The answer: 60 minutes.

One hour of sitting down and knocking out an outline.

If we knew what we were doing, we'd feel prepared and could shut up our brain about how it was all going to be a disaster.

That's it!!

So, we then put that hour on the calendar, committed to it, sat down and got it done.

Fingers crossed, both of us have successful events this week.

Screw that - no fingers need to be crossed cuz we gonna knock it out of the park!!

If you find your brain spinning out in drama, blowing this out of proportion, making thing seem BIG and IMPORTANT and DIRE, use facts to combat.

What is really true? What is really certain?

What is actually going to happen? - for us, we are going to speak words for a certain amount of time and other people are going to be there to experience it.

What would it take to feel prepared?

When will you do that?

If you find yourself feeling discouraged, tired, and reluctant, you'll know it's time for facts and planning.

Sounds simple, and it is.

Use this tip next time to cut the procrastination and unnecessary mind drama in half!

Go kick ass!


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