"Good" Stimulation is Still Stimulation

Positive stimulation is still stimulation.

Euphoria, excitement, action, and riding the highs are still taxing on your nervous system, not just negative stress.

When I was working with owners of reactive dogs (dogs that bark/lunge/freak out on leash when they see another dog or a person), I had to remind them of this. We spent a lot of time managing the nervous systems of these dogs because of the extreme hormone response the body undergoes when going "over threshold" (blowing up).

I reminded them that having people over to the house, arranging a play date with another friendly dog, and other fun, exciting things also tax the nervous system, and the dog would need time to recoup after these experiences.

For their system to come back to equilibrium. Homeostasis.

Same goes for us humans.

Listen to your body.

If it's telling you it needs some quiet, some slow down, respond.

These messages can come after fun and excitement, and sometimes we doubt those signals thinking "I feel good! I don't need to rest."

Stimulation is stimulation.

Positive and negative.

Stress and eustress.

Keep listening, keep giving your body and your nervous system what it's requesting, and you'll stay in balance.

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