How To Always Be Winning

Set your success criteria to be something that's IN YOUR CONTROL.

That's the key to feeling great about any action you take, even if the tangible outcome is not up to you.

Take my client, for example.

She's going to talk to her boss about a raise this month.

She's terrified.

Most anyone would be. We don't do something like that every day. So of course our brains freak out.

Ordinarily, she would have set her "success" to be getting the raise.

But really, that decision is out of her control.

That means, if her boss says no, for whatever reason, she'll interpret that as failure.

And it will feel bad.

During our coaching session last week, though, we flipped that script.

We put the result in her control.

We got to the real reason why she wants to ask for the raise.

Her 5 year goal is to change her income from $40k to $120k per year.

To do that, she's going to have to BECOME the person who makes $120k/year.

We got really curious about what that looks like.

And part of it was having the confidence and courage to do things like ask for raises.

So, her goal for this is to simply do the thing.

To have the conversation.

By doing it, rather than hiding or trying to talk herself into being content with what she has, which is what she's done in the past, she will be one step closer to being the person who makes $120k/year.

Doing it is the win.

No matter what her boss says, just having the conversation and making the ask will be a major victory for her.

It's entirely within her control. AND it moves her closer to her goals.

You can do this, too.

What are you waiting to do right now?

How can you change the success criteria to be something that's in your control?

Instant up-level.

p.s. You can have all this badassery and more by joining my 1 on 1 life coaching program. We work together to make everything that seems big and scary, easy and simple. So that you take action. Lots of it. And make rapid progress towards your goals. With less mind drama and less overwhelm. DM me to get started.

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