How To Create a Business that Supports Your Mental Health

How to Create a Business that Supports Your Mental Health

For my fellow neuro-divergent business owners - there's no manual out there on how to create, run, and grow a business while managing your mental health issues. Here is my attempt at a simple guide.

1. Deeply know that you come first

If you're not healthy, if your needs aren't met, your business won't survive because you won't be able to show up for it.

Also, you created this business because you wanted to! For you!

Keeping this in mind, and building in reminders, will ensure that you're able to keep going. The businesses that succeed are the ones that stick around.

2. Identify what you need to thrive

Structure is your friend. Write down what circumstances, environments, and plans set you up to operate at your best. Incorporate these wherever possible.

Turn your needs into client astonishment.

Rather than have your wants and needs take away from your business, get creative and see how you can turn those into added bonuses or delight for your clients.

3. Manage your environment

This includes your physical place of work as well as what you surround yourself with energetically and what you fill your brain with on a daily basis. Manage your stimulation and inputs, and you'll be miles ahead of the rest.

4. Know your warning lights

Identify in advance those signals that tell you you're approaching burnout, strain, or breakdown. Enlist others in helping you notice and watch for them. And, most importantly, respond when you see the warning lights come on. Plan in advance what you'll need to do if any of the signals appear. Then it's simply a matter of executing your plan and taking care of yourself.

5. Create a kick ass support team

This is not only friends and family, physicians, and teachers, but it also includes who you listen to and follow on social media. Create a specific list of people you'll turn to when you need support, and make sure they're the BEST at being able to provide the type of support you'll need. You get to choose.

6. Hone your craft

Be SO GOOD at what you do that you can do less and conserve energy. Those with little skill spend much time on a wide range of things. Those with high skill spend little time on a small number of things. Get good at what you do.

7. Celebrate often

Acknowledging the big AND the small wins and victories will create incredible momentum in your business. It's constantly reminding your brain of what is going right. Which means you'll continue to see those things that are doing well and create more of the same.

This is a small sampling of what I work with my clients on. If you want to dig in deeper or receive personalized support for yourself, please reach out.

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