How To Create Self Compassion

Are you hard on yourself?

Easy to find compassion for others, but not you?

Sometimes, it can be hard for us to view our own situation objectively (or just plain without judgement).

Here's something that's helped me, and many others, bridge that gap to finding compassion for ourselves.

It's simple.

Write out your experience - whatever you're going through right now or the thing from the past that you're struggling to process - in the third person.

Write about her.

What was the situation? What happened? What else was going on at the time? What did she feel? What was she thinking about herself, about the situation? What did she do or not do?

Then, read through it.

If this was a friend, or even someone you had never met before, how would you feel towards her?

Write down those feelings.

"I have so much love and compassion for her." "She was going through a lot." "It sounds like a really tough situation." "She was really strong." "She took care of herself." "She did the best she could."

Emphasize, above all, the love and compassion you have towards that person on the page.

It's a small thing, but it can go a long ways towards finding healing, understanding, and peace.

Much love,


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