HOW To Evaluate Your Results

We take action. We get a result - information.

Are you looking at your results?

Seeing what you want to keep or discard before moving forward?

Or do you just keep taking actions, keep trying things, keep going, go go go go, without using the valuable data generated by those actions?

You can throw spaghetti at the wall, but if you're just moving on the to next wall without pausing to see what stuck, you're leaving valuable info on the....wall. #mixedmetaphor

I learned a valuable technique for HOW TO evaluate from one of my teachers. I use it myself every single month and every single consultation. Sometimes I use it to evaluate my coaching sessions.

I teach this to my clients, too.

No matter what you want to focus on improving:

- revenue - selling - coaching skills - weight loss - running events - having a better relationship

evaluating on a regular basis is invaluable.

------ How To Evaluate Results --------


Decide what you want to evaluate.

You can evaluate specific outcomes or periods of time.

For example, I do an evaluation after every sales call and for every month I operate my business.

You could also evaluate how a training you delivered went, you could evaluate by the week, month, quarter, or year, or you could evaluate anything else you want to improve upon.

Step 1

Write down everything that worked. What went well?

Take ownership here for what you control. Assume responsibility for the results that occurred. ie don't blame the client or other circumstances

This is looking at what you can influence.

This is not about ego or blowing smoke.

This is capturing valuable information that you can use later.

What worked well?

Step 2

What didn't work?

What did you do or not do that affected the results you created?

This isn't the place to fix problems.

You want to note them objectively.

Remove emotion from the equation.

This is information you can use to get better. Capture it all.

Step 3

What will you do DIFFERENTLY next time?

Refer to Step 2 and what didn't work. What will you do differently next week, next month, next sales call?

This is your TO DO list!

You only need to look here when it's time to make changes.

Refer back to this before the start of that next sales call, that next month. This is your roadmap.

Step 4

I added this one to the 3 above that my teacher, Stacey Boehman, describes in her course.

What will you KEEP DOING?

Let's capture all this goodness, too, and add it to our roadmap!

What from the "what worked well" do you want to keep doing as you move forward? This is super valuable!

Combining Step 3 and Step 4 gives you the blueprint for moving forward.

This is some of the most valuable information you can capture, whether it's in business or in personal goals.

When we take action, we get results.

Those who make the fastest progress towards their goals are the ones who study those results, learn from them, and adapt as needed for future actions.


Here's a quick, abbreviated example of an evaluation.

What am I evaluating? A hypothetical coaching session

Why? I want to improve my coaching skills

What Worked?

I stayed present during the call. I got to the root cause of the client's problem. I helped the client to celebrate. The client expressed gratitude for the value received during the call - they got what they came for.

What Didn't Work?

I talked more than I wanted to. Some of the concepts I described confused the client. I had network issues during the call.

What Will I Do Differently Next Time?

Focus on listening deeply to the client. Explore different ways of explaining concepts until I find what's best for each individual client. Do a network test and call provider if I can't troubleshoot.

What Will I Do the Same Next Time?

Keep being really present with the client. Celebrate myself. Follow my intuition to reach root cause on client issues. Receive gratitude from my clients, honor it.


If you're working towards goals, if there's something you're really passionate about that you want to get better at, this is a powerful tool!

I can help you get the most from this through 1 on 1 coaching and looking in depth at your specific situations, issues, and challenges.

You'll get 6 months of 1 on 1 support looking at not only your results, but also your mindset.

You'll learn how to use your thoughts to keep going and recover faster from stumbles.

Life coaching is like rocket fuel for your goals.

When there's someone else objectively helping you understand your brain without judgement, you can remove obstacles and achieve your goals fast.

Send me a message to get started. Start now.

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