How To Find Balance

Let's talk balance.

I help my clients maintain balance in business, in life, in energy.

It's actually really simple and involves two things:

1. Identify what "out of balance" looks like

2. Pre-Plan what you'll do when those conditions happen

That's it.

Where do you want to operate the majority of the time? What does that look like? Feel like? Why is it awesome in that middle-land?

This paints a picture for your mind of what you're aiming for.

Then, explore the outer bounds.

When you've gone too far -

business vs personal healthy vs unhealthy expending energy vs restoring energy

- in both directions away from the middle.

What does it look like to have too much and too little?


For example, I just did a session with a client around having a healthy body.

Her warning signs, when her body is getting away from happy, healthy "middle" territory, were:

- feeling sick - muscles hurt - zero motivation

Now her brain knows exactly what "out of balance" looks like for her.

AND, what to do when your warning signs have been noticed.

For her, it was:

- activate (meaning, in depression terms, to take one physical movement to start the positive momentum snowball) - go outside - ask for help - journal and do belief work

This is current, healthy her looking out for future her who has fallen down.

Having a plan in place in advance of getting unbalanced is KEY to righting yourself quickly.

To spending more time in the happy middle and yo-yo'ing to less extreme magnitudes.

Don't wait until you hit the limit to notice and take action to correct the unbalance.

Set yourself up for success by ID'ing what it looks like to be out of balance and what you need to do when that happens.


If you'd like help setting this up for yourself and your situation, or having another set of eyes to look over your plans, send me a message.

Here's to better balance and more badassery in 2021!

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