How To Start A Business That Destroys Your Mental Health

A masterclass by Danielle Lindblom

In 4 simple steps. Anyone can do it!

1. Watch every YouTube video, download every podcast, read every blog posts, and scan Facebook and Instagram for tales from others who have purportedly "made it" and created a successful business. Seriously, you have to find them ALL. And then absorb every word they say. Cuz they clearly have the answers. Consume all free content first, cuz you'll need all your monies for getting your new biz off the ground.

2. When #1 doesn't seem to be working, start buying courses. Follow the flashy marketing to find the best ones, and then give them all your money. They'll, in exchange, give you the keys to universal success and you'll certainly "make it." If one course doesn't work, buy another one. Keep going until you've exhausted your funds, then go get you some credit. Keep going. The answer is out there somewhere.

3. Work as much as you possibly can. Try all the things, at the same time is fine. Something is bound to work, you just have to work harder. You have the full ability to work as much as you want now, so take advantage of all that great free time to DO MORE. Working harder always leads to great success. And don't even think of taking time off. You don't get that luxury until you're successful.

4. Isolate, isolate, isolate. You don't have time to spend with other humans, so don't bother. Just keep to yourself, keep absorbing your courses and podcasts and stuff, and keep working. Starting a business means sacrifice, and the first thing to go should be your friends and family.

This has been a masterclass on how to create a business that destroys your mental health. Now you, too, can go out and crash and burn!


This was for funnies, but these are traps that so many often fall into. If you'd like to explore what it's like to build a business around you as a human and your unique needs, that supports you so that you can support others, shoot me a message. Let's talk. It can be so much easier than you think.


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