It's OK for This to be Hard

When you catch yourself spinning in mind drama, worrying, or analyzing the shit out of your situation, pause for a moment to consider whether there are any BASIC human needs that are lacking.

It's not always necessary to get to the "root" of the issue. To analyze it to death. To look for the deeper meaning.

To even "fix" the problem.

Sometimes, it could just be hunger, loneliness, fatigue, pain, health issues, or stress.

Nutrition, companionship, or better sleep might be your solution, not a deeply thought out complex decision making process.

I just got off the phone with a friend and fellow coach who I asked for help. I thought there was some deeper issue, some complex problem that I needed help with. That was causing my distress.

Turns out it was just isolation.

This COVID situation is HARD.

If you're like me and have been isolated from friends and family, if you don't live with someone, or if you moved to a new town, this has been a long haul.

It's OK for that to be hard. It's OK for it to suck.

And sometimes, all you need is time spent, in any form, with a friend.

That's what my friend did for me today.

By just being there, I felt less lonely. I had a good cry, and I felt immensely better afterwards.

I didn't need coaching or thought work or a solution to my imagined complex problem.

I just needed a friend.

If you're struggling right now, consider your basic human needs first. Make sure those are being taken care of, to the best of your abilities, and don't be afraid to reach out for help.

Sometimes, it's a lot simpler than we think.

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