It's OK To Interrupt When Coaching

I've had calls with 2 strong people in the last week, both of whom have told me, "Thank you for saying that. I know these things, but I'm not so good at remembering them or applying them."

Women who cried during our calls because they've been so busy trying to be strong, for themselves and for others, that they're not listening to their bodies. Not listening to their souls. Or hearing the cry and not responding to it. Not giving themselves what they need.

When I interrupted them gently, interjecting in their brain-led monologues about the stress of the now, when I led them to slow down, when I brought them back into their bodies and reconnected them to the emotions they were trying to bury, they thanked me. Amidst the tears and the finally expressed emotions, they thanked me for leading them, for interrupting them, for reminding them to do what they encourage others to do.

Coaches - it is not only OK to step into leadership in a coaching call, even with someone you've never met before, it's necessary to really serve them powerfully. Never forget that they are coming to you for your leadership and sufficiency.

Both of these calls were only an hour, but they were the most impactful 60 minutes of these womens' weeks, months, even year.

You may be the first person interrupting their narrative. The one that's been keeping them stuck and stressed and sick. You may be the first person to have the courage and leadership to allow them to be vulnerable and remind them of their own power.

Don't hang back from that.

Don't doubt your own intuition in those moments.

When the person on the other end of the zoom call is knee-deep in their monologue and trying desperately to find the relief they're seeking.

Some of the questions that came through in my coaching were:

"have you allowed yourself to grieve?" "what emotions still need to come through?"

And the dam broke.

Step into your intuition. Step into your leadership.

It will remind them to do the same for themselves.

To trust themselves and their intuition. To remember their own power and resourcefulness and capability.

Holding space doesn't always mean sitting quietly. Holding space can be slowing them down.

I'm so incredibly grateful for these two conversations this week. They've reminded me of the power of the work that I do. They've reminded ME to trust my own intuition and believe in the value of my coaching. They've reinforced that there are people out there who want this, who want coaching, who want what I have to offer.

Both calls were from pure service.

I never talked about working together or told them about my coaching programs.

My intuition said, "not now."

Those moments were for them. For them to get what they needed. And I fully trust and believe that the level of service and value I provided will come back to me. From them or from others. Because, above all else, it reinforced my belief in myself. And as a result, I'm showing up as the best possible version of myself. Creating more value, serving more people, touching more lives.

Trust yourself.

Stay in service.

And reinforce your leadership and sufficiency.

This is amazing work that we are so privileged to do.

Full of gratitude.

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