Judging Your Feelings

There are the uncomfortable (shitty) feelings you feel, and then there's the judgement you layer on top.

"Why am I so frustrated/angry/upset/sad/anxious??" "This doesn't make sense." "I shouldn't be feeling like this."

It's those extra thoughts and mind drama -- about your normal, human emotions -- that are causing the bulk of your unnecessary suffering. And that are prolonging the uncomfortable feelings.

AND, it's totally optional.

You can choose not to be concerned about they why. You can choose not to beat yourself up for feeling. You can choose not to spend your time analyzing the shit out of the situation.

Anger Frustration Worry Sadness Doubt Fear

They are all normal, human emotions.

We are meant to experience them all.

And, it can be not a problem.

It's only when we decide it's a problem that we make our lives more difficult.

I teach my clients how to allow their emotions, without judgement.

It's not always easy, and it can take some time.

These emotions are, after all, pretty uncomfortable. Of course we try to avoid them or find the off switch when they start.

But this is good work.

This leads to a life of more ease and less stress.

And, above all, having your own back.

How much more would you get done, how much lighter could you life be, if you stopped judging yourself?

If you were able to trust yourself and have your own back?

You can start, right now, today, by just deciding to.

And then reminding yourself of that decision when the uncomfortable feelings crop up.

Much love,


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