Let Your Feelings Come Along For The Ride

Hey, it's totally OK for doubt to come along for the ride.

It's a human emotion, and it's going to show up at all levels of success.

And that's OK!

If you can welcome it, allow it to be without fighting, not making it mean anything other than you're feeling doubt, a human emotion, then it won't derail you.

This goes for all the feels.

Let them come along for the ride.

Let it be OK for them to be there.

And keep going anyway.

You don't have to wait to feel happy and joyful and motivated to take action, to move yourself forward.

A) that's not realistic and

B) there will be a lot of time where you don't take action if you're waiting to feel like it.

You know where you're going. You know what you want.

Keep going.

Allow the feelings to come along for the ride.

And let that not be a problem.

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