Nothing Has Gone Wrong

"Put on your labcoat," my coach likes to say.

Business is one big experiment. A game of variables. When I think this, it produces a feeling of curiosity. The actions I take when I'm curious are open and creative. It's also a brilliant way of creating unattachment.

When you're setting out to be a coach, there will likely be periods of silence. (This can also be true even when you're highly successful. It's NORMAL.) Look at your business on a yearly scale.

Evaluate success at the 5 year scale.

It takes time!

While it's true that success can happen overnight, be prepared for ups and downs.

Treating your efforts as part of your grand business experiment allows you to stay creative and curious rather than spiraling down into the belief that something has gone wrong.

If you're able to continue another day, then nothing has gone wrong. AND, the more you keep going, the more data you collect! Use that data to learn, adapt, and continue. Data is what informs the decisions of the successful businesspeople.

So, if it's been a while since your last consult, your last sale, your last inquiry, your last social media engagement, your last connection call...

Remember that nothing has gone wrong and you have the full capability to be creative.

1. Find something that inspires you. Lights you up. 2. Then use those juices to go make some new magic.

And, always, keep going.

You got this.


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