Stop Brainstorming

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

I find myself saying this a lot lately: STOP!


Just stop. Pause. Take a breath.

People on Facebook writing multi-paragraph pleas for a solution. Clients rattling off extended musings.

Friends putting forth long lists of ideas.

And through all of it, frantic energy.

Spinning and swirling and splashing about.

Just frantic energy in all directions. Trying to find a solution.


It's a product of a less than desirable situation, a lot of time on your hands, and a burning desire to fix it.

I've been there. I spin like crazy, too.

But I've learned, pretty painfully, that you can't brainstorm your way out of anxiety.

Trying to think your way out of anxiety just leads to more anxiety.

The conscious brain is NOT the answer to this problem. Trust me, it doesn't know what to do. Because if it did, you would have done it already. You would have identified the off-switch and slammed it home.


You have two options for finding relief:

1. You can learn how accept what you're feeling

2. Or you can get help.


Because this is bigger than you. Anxiety feels HUGE. That's how it works. Fight or flight gets triggered by our brain telling us something truly horrible is about to happen.

The trick with anxiety is to find ways to make it smaller.

When it's smaller, it can be reasoned with. It can be viewed objectively. It can be processed and dismissed.


You can relax and accept your situation, or you can get help to change it.

I want to expand on why you can't brainstorm your way out of this situation that you hate. For one thing, if you knew what the answer was, you would have done it already. More importantly, though, is the fact that you can't see outside of your experience.

You can't, I can't, nobody can.

Imagination is great, but we cannot see outside of our own boxes.

You know that saying, "you don't know what you don't know?" We can't even conceive of what might be a way out. A path forward. Because we've never done it, seen it, experienced it.

As a coach, and as a person who regularly experiences the power of having a coach in my life, I tend to advocate for the "get help" approach to ending the misery and finally moving forward. That's my bias. That's how I tend to show up in the world. I am a woman of action.

Back in 2017, my own coach helped me get crystal clear on the career path I wanted. Because of that, when I got laid off from the job I was planning on leaving anyway (but was too terrified to do so), I was able to gratefully and gracefully transition into my new career and leave panic attacks behind.


This is what I do now.

I help people to see what's possible so they can discover their own freedom.

I help people get immediate relief from anxiety, distress, panic.

I help people figure out what the heck they actually want to do with their lives.

And then, the fun part, I help them GET IT.


I've been where you are now, and no amount of asking friends, family, facebook, or the internet will get you out.

Whether asking for help is working with a therapist, a doctor, a coach, or another professional, it's always a good investment. This is what they do.

Please know that things CAN get better.

That you don't have to figure it all out on your own.

It may be the scariest, hardest thing you've ever done, but when you've had enough and you make that big courageous step and ask for help, everything will begin to change.

I believe in you.

You got this!

Now stop brainstorming and take some action.

Want MY help? You have only to ask. Send me a message. Tell me what's going on in your world. Tell me what you want to change.

Let's talk soon.


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