The Story In Your Head vs What Is Really True

Let's play a game. It's called "the story in my head." Here's the deal. I have anxiety. And I have depression. And I run my own business. It's not always easy. The glory of controlling my own schedule and doing work that lights me up is countered by the gnawing doubts and uncertainties that plague all business owners.

I could easily hide this part of myself, going dark when moods hit and only showing up when I feel sparkly and bright. But I'm nothing if not raw and real. Always real. I'd rather show all of me - the brilliance and the mess.

So, this game, which you can totally steal, goes like this.

- The story in my head is: That I'll never make it. That because I didn't meet my revenue goals this year, that means I won't ever. The story in my head is that it's all going to fall apart. That I am not even really a good coach.

(I'd wager that some of you, even those without depression, may have entertained these thoughts at one time.)

Now, for part 2 of the game.

- What's really true is: I'm still going. I'm in a good place. I got to do what I love and live where I love this year. And I get to keep doing it next year. What's really true is that I did make money this year! That I helped and inspired a lot of people. And I have evidence of that.

This game - the story in my head + what's really true - is magic. It stops the spiral and reintroduces perspective. Steal shamelessly!

It's ok to phone a friend with this game, especially for part 2. What's really true.

Level set with yourself. See that your brain is just trying to keep you safe by shying away from things that are new and different. It's just a brain. That's what it's supposed to do. But you don't have to let it spin the story into an epic. You can call out the story and remind yourself of what's really true.

You can change the narrative to something more supportive and positive.

I am declaring my focus for 2021 to be Leadership and Simplicity.

No massive changes of direction. Just calm consistency. Keep showing up. Keep serving powerfully. Keep leaning into and revealing my own unique brilliance.


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