Therapy vs Coaching

Therapy? Coaching?

They're both effective, and they're very different.

I do both. I have clients who do both.

And I have clients who do coaching after being frustrated with therapy.

They're different tools for different situations.

Here's my take if you're wondering which you should explore.

First, bravo! for thinking about getting help.

Personal development and working on yourself is a brave endeavor.

That first step can be scary, but it's only because you've never done it before.

Allow the uncertainty and take the step anyway.

To help with that, I'd love to remind you that therapists and life coaches are here to help you.

We only want to help.

We're trained to make things comfortable for you and to go at your pace.

Therapy is the perfect starting place if you're having difficulty functioning.

If something has happened in your life or if your emotions feel too big, therapy can help you get back on your feet.

Therapy is also good if you'd like to better understand your childhood and family dynamics and how they affect the way you interact with the world now.

That's currently the work that I'm doing in therapy.

It's helping me to know myself better.

Therapy does tend to spend a lot of time looking at the past.

Sometimes the present and introducing skills for coping.

But often there is little emphasis on creating a future path.

That's where life coaching comes in.

When you're functioning and want to put energy and effort into creating an intentional future.

Life coaching is great for learning how to handle your present situation and emotions, as well as crafting a plan and taking actions towards achieving your longer-term goals.

Different modalities for different outcomes.

Whether you decide to visit a therapist or talk with a life coach, you'll gain more understanding of the way you operate.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out.

Happy to have a more in depth conversation about this.


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