Transformation Doesn't Have to be Heavy

Get this - transformation doesn't have to be heavy!

I've been on calls with several people lately, talking about the idea of working with a life coach and making changes in their lives.

At some point, these words come out of their mouths:

- commitment - Big Deal - hard work - time and effort

When we think about making a change, even a small one, our brains are very good at blowing it up. Making it bigger, more scary, than it actually is.

Because our brains are designed to resist change.

You know this!

"Change is hard."

Staying in what is known, even if it is undesired, unwanted, or uncomfortable, is far more preferable to doing something you've never done before for a possible, not guaranteed result.

Even just considering the result you want to create is scary! Because it's DIFFERENT than your current reality.

Our brains say Different = Bad. Let's not do that.

So, people often get somber and the mood turns heavy when we talk about starting to work together in a coaching relationship.

And it's NORMAL.

What I want to do is to bring your attention to it.

Because if we stay in that heavy too long or listen to it too closely, we will end up shutting ourselves down.

It happens all the time.

People leave the call, excited at the prospect of having that result, and over the next few days the excitement wanes. The brain kicks in and introduces doubt.

Stay here. Stay where it's known.

What I want you do know is:


It can be super FUN and EASY and SIMPLE to make changes in your life.

In all honesty, we rarely take great leaps. Rather, we make many many tiny tiny steps and eventually, over time, radical change occurs.

It can be fun to make those tiny steps. One decision at a time.

It can be easy to create progress in your life. With a plan and support.

And, it can be simple to create the result you want. When you understand how your brain works and how to use it to help you rather than get in your way.

Working with a life coach - I mean me in particular - can be loads of fun Every session can feel like a party.

Because we celebrate each of those tiny steps.

We celebrate your progress.

We break things down so it's simple and easy to move forward.

And we make big things small and fun.

It doesn't have to be daunting.

It can actually be exciting.

When people sign up to work with me, I say, "Welcome to the party!"

So, choose to look at it either way you want, but seeing change as fun and easy will get you more progress than viewing it as hard work. And it's all about creating that momentum.

So, are you coming to the party?

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