Turning Your Own Needs Into Client Astonishment

Turning your human needs into client astonishment.

Win for you. Win for your clients.

We all have unique human needs. Things that make operating at our best easier and more possible.

Personally, I've got some health issues that can be unpredictable. There will be periods of time where I won't know what's going to be a good day and what's going to be a bad day. Makes scheduling a bit interesting.

So, how do I turn that uncertainty into client astonishment?

I've had a policy in place since I started my coaching practice, and I tell my clients right up front what they can expect.

The policy is this: both of us have full power to pull the reschedule lever at any time.

No 24 hour reschedule/cancellation policy.

No penalties for rescheduling.

No "use it or lose it."

The goal here is that I don't want either of us, myself or my client, feeling like we have to drag ourselves to a session.

If either of us isn't feeling well, for any reason, we can ask to reschedule.

No. Pressure.

This creates such ease in my coaching practice, both for me and my clients, many of whom also have health concerns or stressful lives.

Their investment for coaching with me is such that I know they take it seriously. I don't worry about them rescheduling week after week after week. (And they know that I'll totally call them on it and dive deep into that shit if they do)

That release of pressure and obligation and expectation is a huge relief for both of us.

It means that when we come together for a coaching session, we are both at our best and ready to WORK.

And that, in turn, means that my clients get amazing results.

And both of us maintain our health.

Win. Win.

Take a ponder on your own unique human needs. What would be amazing for you? How could you do it in such a way that it is a huge win for your clients as well?

If you need help thinking creatively about your situation, contact me. I love going outside the box on these things, and it could result in a win/win for you and your clients.

Stay happy, stay healthy. Live long and prosper. Have fun. etc. etc.


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