UNCONVENTIONAL Episode #10 - Sebastien Rolland

Welcome to episode 10 of 12 of season 1 of UNCONVENTIONAL. This season is all about HOW to Move Forward Anyway.

This week's guest is * Sebastien Rolland *

You should watch this video if:

- you're a family man - you're a man with deep feelings - you're in the discovery phase of a new journey - you're brilliant AND messy - you've been misunderstood - you try to be what others want you to be - you have or are connected to someone with ADD

"Raw and unfocused Seb. Trying to protect the part of me with no filters. Because if that's not what you want, what else do I got?"

What strikes me about Seb, as a friend, is his passion to create a warm, loving family unit. He has a son with unique needs, and he speaks often of the deep love that's been created among himself, his son, and his wife.

You can connect with Seb at sebrolland.com and on Facebook.

Recorded on June 10, 2020

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