UNCONVENTIONAL Episode #12 - Mike Harris

The FINAL Episode of UNCONVENTIONAL Season 1 "Move Forward Anyway" features the fabulous * Mike Harris *

You should watch this video if:

- You're into the weird, the occult, spirit quests, sweat lodges - You have a whimsical sense of humor - You are risk averse but don't want to be - You love risk and regularly bet the farm - You are weird and proud - You'd like to be entertained - You're intrigued by the idea of "no matter what" - You're fascinated by honing your craft

"When I didn't care that I was there, when I was just doing my thing, there was nothing in the world stopping me."

This guy is rapidly becoming a fast friend. It took me a bit to figure out his unique flavor, but he really IS that authentic, relaxed, and hilarious. There are zero games, zero agenda, and LOADS of perserverance while enjoying life. Mike brings his coaching clients on killer hikes, has just taken up trail running, and is a creature of the outdoors. So, of course we are connected.

You can get more Mike (and you SHOULD) at mikefharris.com . Or just send the man a Facebook message and enjoy a fascinating conversation.

Recorded June 23, 2020

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