UNCONVENTIONAL Episode #3 - Erin Baker

Welcome to the 3rd episode of UNCONVENTIONAL. Today's guest is Erin Baker, a human paradox of badassery and boundless compassion.

You should watch this if:

- you've ever felt different

- you're curious about the concept of paradox (AND, not OR)

- you take yourself too seriously

- you're fascinated by human beings and how they think

- you're at a crossroads and don't know what to do next

This is a 30minute+ episode, so if you'd like to watch it later, head to YouTube where you can download the entire playlist of UNCONVENTIONAL interviews:https://www.youtube.com/watch…

These dialogues are only getting more and more powerful as we go! Be sure to look for the latest episode EVERY FRIDAY - right here, on YouTube, LinkedIn, and my email newsletter. Gonna get the word out! I believe that these messages will reach the person who needs to hear them.

Connect with Erin at her website https://www.erinmbaker.com/ or in her sweet Facebook group The Heart Leader Launchpad.

Recorded May 18, 2020


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