UNCONVENTIONAL Episode #5 - Heather Egginton

Happy Friday! Here's the latest and greatest episode of my UNCONVENTIONAL video series, and it is **MAGICAL**!!

This woman is a badass and so inspirational

**I am pleased to introduce Heather Jane Egginton**

You should watch this video if:

- you're an average girl who wants to do amazing things

- you can relate to a tumultuous upbringing

- you're seeking the freedom to explore who you are

- you enjoy hearing from fierce, funny females

- you're fascinated by financial independence

- you like accents

Fair warning: there be language (it's about being real folks), and it is 33 minutes long. If you'd prefer to watch on YouTube, it is there as well. Also, Heather is veray british and a hoot to listen to! You'll be chuckling from the very beginning. Last, she calls me Daniella. I don't know why, and I don't correct her :P

You can connect with Heather at therealexecutivecoaching.com

Recorded May 21, 2020

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