UNCONVENTIONAL Episode #6 - Gemini Ferrie

Friday again! This week's episode is all about <3 LOVE. Care of my amazing guest Gemini Ferrie Rosegold Miller.

You should watch this 50 minute video if:

- you're struggling to make the decision to take time off, like radical time off

- you're in the process of redefining yourself

- you weren't born in the USA, but you live here now

- you love Latina women and their passion

- you're curious about or fully embrace WOO-WOO spiritual faery stuff

- you've ever been told you're "too much," you feel "too much," or you dream "too much"

- you identify as a HIGH FEELER, empath, or are someone who is deeply compassionate

- you've experienced suicidal thoughts

You can also watch this video on YouTube. Gemini and I talk mental health, radical self care, and deciding to play an entirely different game.

I applaud Gemini for her absolute vulnerabilty in telling her story. Please brace yourself for real talk on suicide and please honor her story and for sharing with such raw-ness by being mindful with your comments.

Connect with Gemini on Facebook or on lovecoachforwomen.com (don't read too much into her domain - she is SO. MUCH. MORE than a love coach for women) :)

Recorded May 21 2020

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