UNCONVENTIONAL Episode #7 - Danielle Lindblom

Things are a bit different this Friday... these people - Matt Chavlovich and me, Danielle Lindblom - are both familiar to this interview series..

..but the roles have reversed!

I am the one being interviewed for this week's episode, and I tell my own story.

You should watch this if:

- you're curious about my background

- you're fascinated by tango dancing

- you consider yourself a nerd or an intellectual

- you've ever had mental health challenges

- you're a confident independent person who struggles to surrender

- you've ever wanted to just turn your brain off

- you're curious about hiring a coach for yourself

- you've been through some shit

You can also watch this 60 minute video on YouTube.

You can connect with me right here, any time. Send me a message.

Recorded on June 1, 2020

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