UNCONVENTIONAL Episode #9 - Brad Finkeldei

Time for another episode of UNCONVENTIONAL!

This is the 9th or only 12 episodes, and this season is about Moving Forward Anyway.

This week's guest is *Brad Finkeldei*

You should watch this video if:

- you're struggling with feeling confident (and maybe you always have) - you want to do what you love for a living - you're terrified of rejection - you let fear dictate your thoughts and your actions, even on little things - you consider yourself a religious person - you're curious - you're experimenting with being a leader

"If you've got a fear, you could have all the money in the world, and unless you're ready to face that fear, money won't make much difference."

This is a great conversation around the nitty gritty of discovering your own confidence and doing things you've never done before. Brad is charismatic, comedic, and a delight to listen to!

You can connect with Brad in his Facebook group "Love What You Do Community" and at bradfinkeldei.com .

Recorded on June 8, 2020

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