UNCONVENTIONAL Season 2 Episode 5: Travia Steward

Season 2 "Redefining Badass" continues with this week's guest: Travia Steward.

You should watch this video if:

- You’re a part of the theater community - You’ve been through some hard shit in your life - You’re LGBTQ+ or an ally - You’ve had a phoenix moment and become stronger - You reject boxes - You pave the way for others to be fully themselves - You need an uplifting story of human resilience - You want to see me strip away layers and get to the gold - You’re afraid of being seen for who you truly are - You want to laugh - You want to see how authenticity actually creates freedom

This human is incredible. Her spirit will inspire you. And she's a ton of FUN! I am honored to bring you her story, her passion, and her realness. This was a powerful, and delightful, conversation. Enjoy!

You can connect with Tray at traviasteward.com and on Facebook.

Catch up on all past episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist...

Recorded November 2, 2020

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