UNCONVENTIONAL Season 2 Episode 6: Stephanie Hess

Let me remind you that this is called “UNCONVENTIONAL.” I wanted to create something that felt like me. That was real and raw and shows what’s going on underneath the polished outward appearance of coaches. TBH, I’m a little sick of canned, “perfect” podcasts. So, here is a prime example of stripping that away to reveal the real human being underneath a powerful, successful coach.

I’m honored to introduce this week’s guest Stephanie Hess.

You should watch this video if:

- You’ve abandoned ship from corporate - You want to be a successful coach - You’re in the middle of financial struggle - You want to see an example of strong leadership and powerful coaching - You don’t like owning your brilliance - You want to be inspired - You’re a fan of Stephanie or myself - You want to see what compassionate challenge looks like - You want to know what’s underneath the most successful coaches

This woman is truly a badass, and I’m so grateful that she dared to play full out, graciously accepted my nudges, and let us all connect with her on a human level. Much love to you, my friend!

You can connect with Stephanie at stephaniehesscoaching.com or on social media.

Recorded on November 6, 2020.

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