UNCONVENTIONAL Season 2: Redefining Badass

UNCONVENTIONAL is exactly what it says: it's unconventional. This is a video series. This is not a podcast. This is different. There are no rules. Only raw.

Season 2: Redefining Badass features my incredible, amazing, vulnerable clients sharing their personal stories of trauma and healing. They have center stage. This is for them.

Their stories have the power to inspire you. To help those in similar situations to see hope.

The first 3 episodes of this season will feature Casey.

She is a "regular" human being. She is not an entrepreur or a life coach. She never imagined sharing her story with the wide world. When I offered her the opportunity, the platform to do so, however, she said yes with zero hesitation.

"If my story can help even one person, that's what I need to do."

This is Part 1.

This is where her world falls apart and she experiences a trauma.

I love you so much, girlfriend. Your bravery in sharing this is incredible. I salute you.


Trigger warnings: witnessing death, abusive relationship

Part 2 of Casey's story is here! This is a 3 part series, and this section reveals Casey's response to her partner's death and her struggles with PTSD and suicide. This is real, this is raw, and this is her story.

Casey has so much strength to come forward and share this with others to inspire them to hope. Part 3 will showcase her journey to healing and a life she is proud and happy for living.

Most of us have been through some shit.

I believe that true strength, being a "badass," can come from experiencing deep pain or emotional trauma.

That's why I'm Redefining Badass in this season of UNCONVENTIONAL.

I'm highlighting stories of my own clients. Regular humans like you and me. Who have been through some shit. And who are, undoubtedly, badass.

Thank you for honoring Casey's experience by listening.

Trigger Warnings: blood, PTSD, suicide attempt, overdrinking.

Bringing it home with Part 3 of 3 for Casey's story today!

We explored the trauma and response to trauma in Parts 1 and 2, and now, today, it's at last time for the transformation. The healing. The hope and the light.

Thank you Casey for your strength and bravery in telling your story to the world. For inspiring others and bringing hope. It has been an honor and a privelege walking with you on your journey, and I'm so damn happy for the live you have now. You deserve every ounce of happiness!

In this episode, Casey finds new love, finds healing, explores therapy and life coaching, and steps fully into life post-trauma.

Things can get better for you, too.

Life is what you make it. Why not make it great?

Much love,


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