UNCONVENTIONAL Season 3 Episode 1: George Yueh

Season 3 - Exploring Radical Self Trust

Welcome to Season 3 of UNCONVENTIONAL where we'll explore radical self trust! First guest of the new year is George Yueh.

You should watch this video if:

- you don't consider yourself a big feelings person - you DO consider yourself a big feelngs person - you're fascinated by self trust, intuition, things larger than yourself - you're still learning how to listen to yourself - you're an old soul - you're curious about life coaching - you like the California surfer vibe

George is an incredible human being, deep soul, and full of passion for helping others. I did minimal editing on this episode because I can't know who is going to be touched by which pieces of our conversation. We explored deep and wide, and things really get cooking halfway through.

You can connect with George at shapeshiftcoach.com and on social media.


Catch up on the entire series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist...

Recorded November 30, 2020.

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