UNCONVENTIONAL Season 3 Episode 5: Jess Johnson

"Exploring Radical Self Trust" in Season 3, let me introduce Jess Kissane Johnson.

You should listen to this episode (also available on YouTube) if:

- you're curious about Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping - you want to listen to a badass chick from Hawaii - you want to learn more about self trust - you're a life coach - you've been through a divorce and are navigating a new relationship - you want to listen to an enjoyable hour of dialog between personal development nerds

Jess is an amazing woman with a multi-layered background. She is a former therapist, EFT practitioner, and life coach. I loved our conversation around radical self trust, and she had some very valuable insights!

You can connect with Jess on social media or on her website jessjohnsoncoaching.com .

Catch up on the entire series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist...

Recorded February 5, 2021

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