What I Do As A Coach

- I create a place where my clients can express themselves fully and freely without judgement

- I help people get out of their head and into their body

- I help people calm their racing thoughts by tuning into their breath and noticing sensations in their body

- I help other coaches gain confidence in themselves by practicing and honing their client proposals

- I help coaches build their belief in themselves as a coach and their skills and value as a coach so they can perform more powerfully and competently and confidently with their own clients

- I help solopreneurs create businesses that support their unique human needs by exploring where they currently struggle and imagining what would truly support them

- I listen deeply and reflect back to my clients the bigger picture when they are so focused on the details and immediacy that they can't see it

- I help my clients see how the way they are thinking about their situation is creating their results and explore how to change their thinking and thought patterns to create different results

- I help my clients see how their thinking is having them get in their own way and creating unhelpful obstacles on their way to their goals

- I help people get whatever it is they want most in this life

- I help people get their mental shit together so they can go kick ass out in the world

- I help people learn how to tune in and listen to themselves, how to find the answers to big questions inside of themselves

- I help people get in touch with their own intuition by slowing down their thoughts and getting connected to their body

- I help people feel and fully experience their emotions instead of avoiding them by having them note the sensations in their body and practice allowing

- I help people learn how to calm their nervous system to lessen the impact the stress and anxiety on the body

- I let my clients have abundant time and space to process changes and insights and then lead them through self summary so the learnings are more easily accessed and recalled later

- I create time each week for my clients to focus solely on themselves, their troubles, and their desires

- I listen and respond to messages from my clients in between sessions so they can maintain the momentum they've created

- I help my clients find their own solutions to their problems and reinforce their capability

- I am someone who is in your corner and in full support of you and your goals. Having this partner is encouraging and creates increased motivation

- I help you create your own happy level of balance by learning to recognize when you are out of balance and understanding what to do when that happens

- I remind coaches to apply what they know for themselves, to give themselves the coaching they give to others

- I help people find a healthy balance between brain and body, head and heart, so they can operate at their best

If you want any of that, start the process by sending me a message. Ask for what you want! For yourself.

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