What Prospective Clients Need From You

When you get on a call with a prospective client, they need 2 things from you: leadership and sufficiency. They won't tell you this, but it will make the difference from zero sales to high close rates. I know this from experience in two businesses. All high ticket sales, all 1 to 1, with high close rates.

Providing strong confident leadership in setting things up and leading the person through your process, with powerful coaching, creates a profound level of trust in you. If they can't feel trust in you as their coach, they will not buy. You have to step up, take the lead. They expect it, they need it, and you do too. You need to have supreme confidence in yourself, your skills, and your product. You also need to create leadership from a place of service. Service first, always. Leadership is what you'd experience if you called a contractor to your home. You'd expect them to guide you with questions and serve you.

Second is sufficiency. You do not need anything from them. When this is the case, it builds upon the established trust from your confident leadership and creates ease for the other person. They can relax and feel comfortable. It allows curiosity a place to flourish. Sufficiency also means that since your needs are already met, and you need nothing from them, that you can create abundant space for them to have their own pure experience. It will be ok for you if they are resistant, unsure, fearful, or overly excited. You won't make that mean anything about you. They get to express their feelings openly because there is space for that and ease for that to happen.

I see a lot of "young" coaches who are nervous about almost everything. It's ok to feel nervous, AND you can still step into your leadership.

When I'm working with clients around this, I use mind/body techniques to help them channel the confidence they feel in other arenas into their interactions with prospective clients. You can do this too. Where do you feel most confident, in charge, in leadership? For most, it comes from a sports, performance, professional, or parenting place. Where there is no doubt, no hesitation, and confident leadership. Get that feeling in your body. Put your body in position if needed (think sports). And practice having that feeling while talking about your coaching. Bring it with you to the room.

For sufficiency, it's all about belief work. Doing your homework on yourself so that you have your shit together when you step into the room. Where you truly KNOW that you do not need anything from them. Where you channel simply service. This call is for them. Trust they will get whatever they need.

This is what creates people feeling comfortable and confident to say yes to working with you. And it also beings out the best in you, for them.

Leadership & Sufficiency

If you'd like to talk about these concepts or dig into your own personal situation, contact me to set up a time to talk. Both are already inside of you - it's just about bringing them to a new place, a new arena.


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