When You're IN Burnout

How to manage crisis mode.

As someone who has had mental health crises in the past, I know that sometimes life can hit you sideways and knock you off your feet.

When sh*t hits the fan and it feels like you can't handle it all, here's what I recommend:

1. decide what's absolutely necessary and what can wait. take as much off your plate as possible.

That might mean getting groceries delivered, hiring a dog walker, or dropping the kids off at grandma's.

2. for what remains, focus on only one thing at a time.

Just think about the next thing, get through that, and then the next thing.

Keep your focus narrow.

We don't need to add to the overwhelm by thinking about all the things.

3. ask for help.

If you've created a plan in advance, use that plan.

If not, call someone you trust.

Let them take on some of the executive functioning.

All you have to do is call.

Trust that you'll get what you need once that's happened.

4. keep eating, sleeping, and drinking water.

If you need to set reminders or have someone else remind you, do it.

If you forget, do it as soon as you think of it.

Keep your body going and your strength up.

This is not going to be a long list!

You don't need a long list when it comes to crisis mode.

Remember, this is temporary.

And it will be shorter if you are able to follow the tips above.

I recently had to walk a client through this.

It can happen to anyone at any time.

It just happens.

How you respond to it can either worsen your suffering or lessen it.

If you're currently in crisis mode, please know I'm sending loads of good vibes.

If you're not, save this post for later or pass it along to someone who needs it.

In your corner, and, sh*t happens.


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