You Are Not Your Thoughts

Did you know that not every thought that enters your mind comes from the depths of your soul???

That the gut feeling you get when making a decision doesn't necessarily come from your deepest intuition???

What you think doesn't always define who you are as a person.

Sometimes, our brains, an organ in our body, throw out totally random thoughts.

And it's not a subconscious "maybe I'm missing something" key to unlocking your darkest fears.

It's just a brain being a brain.

Our brains come with their own programming. Built right in! Just like the software on your computer.

They're programmed to keep your heart beating, your lungs breathing. They're programmed to react to something about to attack you. To keep you alive.

When you're out walking and see a weird shape out of the corner of your eye and bodily flinch away, your heart pounding, only to realize it's a pile of leaves, you don't get all existential and think you're a terrible person for getting it wrong.

You don't go searching for a deeper meaning for why you thought there was danger.

You just acknowledge your brain got it wrong, laugh it off, and continue on your way.

But when you go to make a big purchase or do something you've never done before, no matter what it is, and you get that tingle in your belly, you interpret it as doubt or a signal from your inner self that this is a bad idea.

You analyze the shit out of it. Try to figure out what it MEANS.

It's just your brain, friend!!

It's actually programmed to make you hesitate.

Because anything unknown, even if it's something you really want to do, is potentially dangerous.

You've got thousands of years of survival programming pre-installed in your brain.

New/Different = Potential Harm = Avoid at all Costs

So, just recognizing that's what's going on can save you a lot of headache (no pun intended).

You can save yourself the analysis paralysis. The hemming and hawing.

You can just decide.

No existential musing required.

Today's lesson: brains are brains. They do brain things. Nothing has gone wrong.

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