YOU Select Your Own Support Team

Remember, YOU get to pick who's on your support team.

Remember, you GET to have a support team!!

Whether you're going through physical challenges, mental health challenges, or just human existence, you get to create a support team for yourself.

AND to utilize them.

My needs have changed from 5 months ago when I restarted working with a therapist, so I chose to request a new one.

I also requested to see a new psychiatrist.

I'm changing who I listen to regularly on podcasts and who I no longer want on my news feed.

Changes are good.

Changes are fine.

One of my clients went through significant surgery and recovery last year. I was on her support team. She chose me to help her manage her mental health.

I also helped her to not only choose the other members -


physical therapists

rehab specialists




- but learn how to utilize them to help her.

How to understand her needs. How to ask for help. How to make changes to her team. How to advocate for herself and communicate with her team. How to fully utilize these amazing resources.

And her recovery went so much smoother.

I've been programmed to go solo, to be independent. It's in my nature, as I know it's in many of yours.

You can choose, at any time, to be thoughtful about your support team.

And you can choose to receive the benefits from your team at any time as well.

Learning self-advocacy is not always easy.

It took me a long time to get used to and to learn.

But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Because by asking for what I need, and utilizing help, I'm able to, honestly, live my best life.

So, who's on your team?

Is it your family? Friends? Chiropractor? Massage therapist? Doctor? Pets?

The list goes on! And you get to decide! Even down to who you listen to on the interwebs and who you follow.

Build your best damn support team.

And remember that you have the freedom to make changes at any time.

They're there to support YOU, after all.


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