In Their Own Words:

Kayla M.

River Falls, WI

Before I started coaching with Danielle, I had worked with her through High Spirits Dog Training to help our dog Pearl with her severe reactivity issues. I knew we had a connection through dogs, but I was so excited when she contacted me to experience coaching.


At the time I was just about to turn 25, and with an overwhelming sense of needing to make some big changes in my life, I felt incredibly stuck. I knew I needed to make a career change and I had no sense of what I wanted to do or where to start. I was just frantic energy in all directions with an inability to just make a decision and run with it.


After three months of meeting with Danielle, I feel like I have a much better handle of what to do with my life, and how I want to get there. In the time from when we started, I have gotten engaged, started looking for a new place to live, and am ready  to begin applying for a new job.


I finally feel like I have a better handle on my own inner peace, and I am ready to make these changes happen for myself. Danielle’s approach to coaching is incredibly supportive. Whether we were diving deep into a subject, just chatting about life, or working on my resume, she always upheld a sense of caring and positivity. She always made me feel like I could just say whatever came to my mind.


I would recommend Danielle Lindblom Coaching to anyone; whether you feel totally lost in space, or just need someone in your corner to cheer you on. It was amazing to experience such a transformation in myself in just a few short months!

Casey C.

Big Lake, MN

After a life-altering tragedy took place in my life, I never imagined it would leave deep emotional scars that would take over so many aspects of what I used to call a ‘normal life’.

I worked with a therapist twice a week for four years, struggling to put the pieces of my life back together, but my issues continued circling without resolution. After learning varying coping methods, medications and identifying triggers, I still felt I was missing the part where I could do something about it my emotional prison.

Danielle reached out to me at this crucial time in my life, seemingly intuitively! After just the first two sessions, I felt an enormous shift in the thoughts and feelings I had towards the event and the grasp I thought it had on my life. Danielle gently pushed me to reach out and look deeply at what had happened and re-framing it in such a profound way that made me realize it wasn’t where my life had to stop. She has helped me meditate (something I could never achieve before) and have gratitude for these events that continue to shape me to this day.

I highly recommend Danielle because of her honesty, motivation, and empowering nature that she shares. I never once felt ashamed to tell her the story of my deepest fears and pain. What she has, and continues to help me achieve, goes beyond the sessions themselves since I am able to apply her insight towards new daily routines and a MUCH better outlook on life.


Since working with Danielle, I have pushed so many boundaries I used to feel trapped by: fear, doubt, and grief. Doing this has successfully given me a new life and a brighter future for my mental and emotional well-being!