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Do You Have a Champion?

Even if you know what you want to create, you still don't have it.

Our brains are amazing, but they can often lead to us to get in our own way.

When you understand how the brain is programmed, to move towards pleasure, away from pain, and to keep us safe at all times, you can begin to work WITH it to achieve your goals.

That's where I come in.

I help you see what you cannot see on your own. Understand your emotions so they don't control you. And channel the confidence and self trust that will inspire you to take action.

If you are ready to work hard and move forward, I can help you.

My Story

After a degree in Mechanical Engineering and career in Lean Manufacturing, running events and climbing to leadership positions, I experienced debilitating anxiety that had me hiding in dark conference rooms. Being laid off in 2017 was a blessing in disguise - the door I needed to make a big change in my life.

I dove full-time into my then side business of dog training and canine behavior consulting and lived a life that I loved. After 5 years of success with that business, I transitioned to life coaching, which brought all of my experiences and skills to the arena.

Now, I work with solopreneurs and life coaches as the "behind the scenes" support. I support the human so that they can go out and support others. As an expert on change, behavior, and leadership, I help my clients go after what they want the most. And achieve it. 

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