Are You a High Achiever?

Are you capable of great things? Have you experienced the rewards that working hard can bring, yet it now feels hollow? Have you followed the prescribed path to what most think of as success, but you can’t see the meaning in it? Do you believe that you are capable of so much more, but you can’t see how to unlock it?  


Are You a High Feeler?

Do you experience the world differently than most other people? Do you live with a body or mind that is challenged by limitations, yet you continually seek to hold it together to meet expectations? Are you wanting so badly to be vulnerable, open, and honest about what it’s like for you but find it impossible because you’ve been practicing seeming “normal” for so long?

Are You a Freedom Seeker?

Do you wish you could find a way to live in harmony and balance with your body, your mind, your ambitions, and your dreams? Are you interested in simple living with purpose? Do you seek freedom in your personal, professional, or financial life?



If you’ve recognized yourself in these words, we should talk.

My name is Danielle Lindblom, and I help badass individuals to remember their power and to discover their freedom.

  • I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and have climbed the corporate ladder in a Fortune 500 organization.

  • I have started three profitable businesses, doing everything myself. 

  • I have gone from knowing absolutely nothing to competing at advanced levels in Equestrian, Dog Sports, and West Coast Swing.

  • I have been able to craft a life of balance and fulfillment while living with severe anxiety and being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

  • I have traveled solo with my two Border Collies to several national parks, achieving a level of freedom I never dreamed possible. 

I believe in the power of coaching.


I pay my own coach more than feels comfortable because she helps me to see things I can't see myself and to stretch fully into my potential. 


What got you here won't get you there. Change requires doing things differently.


I invite you to lean into your discomfort, be bold, and do something powerful for yourself.

If you feel pulled to do so, please reach out using the form below.


Tell me what’s going on in your world and why you believe that working with a coach will be a benefit to you. If we are a good fit for one another, I will invite you to experience a powerful coaching conversation. I work with a small number of clients each year. All are by invitation or referral only.

Take the first step. You never know – your life might change as a result!


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