About Me

I am an adventurer, a badass, and a life coach. 

I've also lived with anxiety and a highly sensitive nervous system for over 6 years.

I had a full career as a process engineering specialist in corporate America, doing change management in manufacturing plants. I also broke off, started my own business, and spent 5 years being a canine behaviorist. On top of that, I've worked to improve my mental health. Everything I've done has been focused on understanding change. 

I've been a professional life coach since October 2018, and it has been my great pleasure and honor to walk with people on their journey of personal transformation. My clients have achieved greater confidence and empowerment, less depression and anxiety, and even more success in their own businesses. I've worked with women in healing and other life coaches in startup. 

I currently live in Missoula, Montana to be close the mountains and the wilds that I love, and I meet with my clients through video on Zoom. Reach out for a free consultation, and let's get started changing your life!

I am available as a podcast guest or a speaker. Please reach out to inquire.