About Me

I am all the things that I see in my clients: high achiever, high feeler, freedom seeker. Some say 'it takes one to know one.' I think it's natural for me to serve those with whom I most closely identify. I've been there. I've felt that. I've had those same struggles and challenges. And I've learned through them. 

I am a High Achiever

I am driven and passionate, and I push myself harder than anyone else possibly could. I go 1000mph and do all the things. I've climbed the corporate ladder, graduated from a prestigious leadership program, and built 3 businesses from nothing. I love doing new things and seeing what is possible with a lot of hard work. The dark side of this gift of drive is the burnout. When I crash, I crash hard, and I sometimes struggle to take care of myself and maintain my health.

I am a High Feeler

I live with an anxiety disorder. I also feel depression. There is one larger thing, though, that influences how I experience the world: I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). This means that I, along with about 15% of the population, have a finely tuned nervous system. All senses can be heightened, and we take in much more sensory input than most. While this can be difficult to manage at times, especially in a loud and chaotic world, I also see it as my superpower.


With my heightened sensitivity, I see things that no one else sees. I intuit and feel energy. I read body language and sense mood. This helps me get to the heart of what my clients are experiencing. 

I am a Freedom Seeker

Did you see the picture above? That's me, Danielle, and my two Border Collies (Mica left, River right) at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. We frequently hit the road to visit the national parks. I find my freedom on the road and on the trail. Actually, in 2020, I'm hoping (planning) to hit the road full time with them in our RV. (Life is what you make it! And I want grand adventures!) If you want to read about our travels, head over to The Adventure Dog Blog.

About Coaching With Me

My superpower is cutting through the superficial (some would say BS) and getting you to the truth beneath it all. Life is too short to waste it spinning your wheels. I'm only interested in the "good stuff," and I won't waste our time.

I live for the moments of revelation and transformation in my clients. Seeing someone's inner power come to the forefront and watching them use it to realize their goals is magical. 

If you're stuck, if you're reaching for the next level of excellence, if you know you're capable of more but can't see the path, reach out.

Be bold.

Be brave.

You never know what might be possible.

Logistics & FAQ

- All coaching takes place via video conferencing. You will need a microphone, a webcam, and a good internet connection. If you've ever used Skype, you'll find the experience very easy! I will send you a link to join our session online. I use Zoom for our coaching sessions.

- Rates are variable. I don't answer emails about rates. Coaching is only successful if we are a good fit for one another - it's my priority to determine that first. If, through our initial communication, we both feel we might be a good fit, I will invite you to experience coaching with me in a two hour deep dive that is not cost to you. Then, once we have discussed your goals and determined that we would both love to work together, we will talk about the investment. 

- Freedom and flexibility are my most important values. Scheduling coaching sessions, including rescheduling, will be flexible. Both of us need to be in the right head space for a coaching session to be valuable for you. I don't want the pressure of a rigid schedule to compromise the work we do together. If you aren't feeling well, or if I'm not feeling well, we will reschedule. I have the bigger picture in mind - most clients work with me for 3 - 6 months. 

- When you are ready, we will do the work. 'Ready' means mentally prepared, eager, committed to change, a little bit nervous/scared, willing to put it all out there, and open to opportunity. Ready also means prepared to make an investment in yourself - both in time and money. Nothing worth getting in this world was got easily. 

All that said, you have nothing to lose by reaching out. At the minimum, you will make a new connection. At the maximum, your entire life could shift.

I look forward to hearing from you. Be Bold!