Danielle Lindblom

I help women living with anxiety to transition out of their corporate work environments while maintaining balance and fulfillment.

My journey has taken me from leadership roles in large companies to running my own small business to now serving incredible people through powerful coaching.

I experienced debilitating anxiety in my corporate career, and I really struggled to see a way out.

I didn't know anything else.

Working with my own coach allowed me to see outside of my box and discover new possibilities. Ultimately, it helped me to transition into work that was a better fit for my mental health, and that changed my life.

I now help others to make their own big life changes, without the stress and pressure of having to figure it all out alone.

I have a passionate love of travel and the outdoors, and I spend all of my free time hiking with my dogs and visiting National Parks. This is my flavor of freedom, and it fuels my soul every time I hit the road.

I invite you to experience the power of coaching for yourself and see what's possible.

Your entire world could change!


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